The smartphone look hasn’t changed in recent years, but Samsung is changing the game by giving its customers the chance to customize their phones. On a virtual event on October 20, 2021, the company introduced a made-to-order type of its Flip 3 smartphone that allows people to select from various design options. Customers can choose frame options of black or silver, select various colors (blue, yellow, white, pink,or black) for its front and back panels, or go for a stripes pattern.

“This is the first time we’ve ever given customers this much customization on their phone,” the company said. Users can now start customizing their phones through Samsung’s Bespoke Studio on its website for $1,099.99 and up. The Flip 3, which was put on sale in August, is slimmer and lighter than Samsung’s previous foldable types.

The Galaxy Watch 4 can also be customized through the Bespoke Studio. Samsung’s latest event fell on the same week as Apple’s tech product events. Apple, as well as Google, are introducing new gadgets ahead of the holidays.