People are now taking on extra, freelancing jobs. What are the worst-case scenarios? You have two employers, two email addresses, and two computers, right? As many knowledge workers have been working remotely for more than two years, an increasing number of employees are taking on second full-time jobs under the table.
A second job can provide a safety net of extra cash and experience, both of which are valuable assets in an era of mass layoffs, economic instability, and a chronic disrespect for worker well-being. Some workers choose overemployment to regain control of their lives or to avoid a system that they believe has long abused them.
When a person works two full-time jobs on two different computers at the same time, this is known as overemployment. Overemployment is not a recent occurrence. Isaac, an individual who lives in the US Bay Area, has been working two jobs for years and claims to have made over $600,000. He also said that if you could make the arrangement work legally and logistically, you would benefit greatly.