For those of us who have witnessed Kristen Stewart’s charm since the Twilight era, the flare of critique for her latest role as Princess Diana in “Spencer” movie has long been wished for.

The “Spencer” star has always been an excellent actress. However, not all regular viewers know it yet. Her most remarkable role remains one that brought her fame at 22 years old. During that time, Stewart was the highest-paid actress worldwide, despite facing mockery and hate from people who claimed that she was just simply bringing her real-life aloofness to the screen. But after nearly a decade since her exit from the spotlight, Stewart has finally returned to impress us with her Princess Diana portrayal.

The movie, whose title came from Princess Diana’s maiden name, highlights the three-day Christmas celebration of the royal family at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, Virginia around 1992. It narrates the collapsing marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales (Charles and Diana). Meanwhile, Ingrid Seward, a journalist with whom Princess Diana was friendly, was fascinated by Stewart’s performance. “Out of all the people who have played Diana over the past 10 years, she’s the closest to her. She managed to perfect her mannerisms,” Seward said. “Spencer” was directed by Pablo Larraín, and it has started showing in theaters on November 5, 2021.