Peterborough’s public and private sector groups have joined a new initiative to help the city achieve its net-zero carbon objective. The “Peterborough Climate Commitment” offers recommendations to businesses on how to address climate change. Carly Leonard, one of the group’s founders, founded the Peterborough Climate Change Partnership.

“But time is running short to slow down warming to keep within 1.2C,” said Ms. Leonard, CEO of the Peterborough Environment City Trust, an environmental nonprofit organization (PECT). For the organizations participating, the commitment includes environmental impact monitoring, carbon emission reduction, and natural environment enhancement. The climate change partnership includes a number of organizations, including education, technology, and health organizations, as well as Peterborough City Council.

By 2030, Peterborough has committed to becoming a carbon-neutral city by the same year. “By organisations working together to make simple and consistent changes we are more likely to achieve the city’s net-zero target,” Ms. Leonard said. The term “net-zero” refers to no more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.