We mention our other achievements when our pride is threatened. Have you ever wondered why? A recent study provides us with the answers.

Turning to another accomplishment when we feel intimidated is called “status pivoting”. According to psychologists, it’s a coping strategy for weakness or imperfection. Status pivoting happens in various settings like money talks, morals, and others; however, researchers looked into another factor: parenting. Many participants who felt professionally overshadowed “pivoted” to emphasize their parental skills. They brag about achievements where people can view them positively as a parent, such as their sons’ or daughters’ good grades, athletic victories, and the school they attend. “Their children’s performance becomes their own transferred success,” says sociologist and visiting assistant professor Hilary Levey Friedman.

It’s important to realize that there are alternative ways to feel successful. We all become nervous from time to time, but we must never give up on our responsibilities and ambitions.