The colorful Autumn leaves in Japan known as “koyo” show up around November to December. Here are some of the beautiful places to see koyo throughout Tokyo.

• Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park is just a short walk from Harajuku Station in Tokyo. It’s one of the biggest parks in the capital and is also near the Meiji Shrine. It’s also perfect for an afternoon visit, with its trees, trails, water features, and flowers.
Yoyogi Park
• Icho Namiki Avenue
Icho Namiki is located in Tokyo’s downtown area. It has admirable gingko trees that bloom from late November to early December. Here, you can also sit back, relax, and eat at the Royal Garden Cafe with the brilliant koyo.
Icho Namiki Avenue
• Rikugien Gardens
Rikugien is one of the oldest parks in Tokyo, built in the 1700s. It’s lit up with lighting displays. Visitors need to pay an entrance fee of ¥300.
Rikugien Gardens
Japan has always been a great tourist destination. In addition to these Instagrammable places, the country’s culture and traditions are what make Japan unique from other countries.