Elle has become the first international publication to put an end to the use of animal fur across all of its pages. According to its senior executive, the move was in support of animal welfare and an indication of changing preferences. The monthly lifestyle magazine’s 45 global editions have signed an agreement with animal rights group Humane Society and reform group Creatives4Change. 13 editions have already implemented the policy. At a conference on December 2, 2021, Elle’s international director Valeria Bessolo Llopiz said that fur is outdated and no longer fashionable, especially for the younger consumers, who are the main target of the fashion and luxury industry. “Gen Z wants fashion to be responsible, ethical and innovative, and that’s what’s happening,” she added.

Among those that applauded the decision has been animal rights charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Over the years, the fashion industry has faced pressure from animal rights activists and the public to stop using animal skin. Many brands have already banned fur including Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent. Founded in France in November 1945, Elle is one of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle publications. “Fur promotions belong only in the back copies of fashion magazines from days gone by,” said Elisa Allen, the group’s UK director. Its remaining editions will apply the new policy starting 2022.