It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Celebrating it with good movies would be a merry idea, and Netflix is here to give us several choices of Christmas movies. Among them are these three.

• Love Actually (2003)
This movie follows the stories of nine people in a holiday setting, including a married man, a guy in one-sided love, a brokenhearted writer, and a prime minister.
Love Actually
• Holiday Rush (2019)
This tells the story of a family headed by a former radio DJ (and recent widower) who lost his job during the holiday season. This heartfelt movie shows the true importance of Christmas.
Holiday Rush
• Klaus (2019)
This animated Christmas movie retells the story of Santa Claus in a creative and interesting way, following a postman befriending a white-bearded toymaker. It was also one of the chosen movies to win for Best Animated Feature in the Academy Award.
Netflix has almost everything we need for a holiday movie time. Time to grab our cups of hot chocolate and a couple of Christmas cookies! Ho ho ho!