A new year means a new beginning. We come up with resolutions we want to keep, but why do we make promises for ourselves every time we welcome a new year?

Psychology professor Katy Milkman explains that we think of ourselves as characters in a novel. We consider the stages of our lives as “chapters” that mark a fresh start every time we flip the “pages”. This allows us to put a psychological distance between ourselves and previous failures. It leads us to believe that our “old selves” made the mistakes and we will do better next time. Even then, some are still not sure about the tradition’s success rate. Did you know that it is higher than what people think? A recent YouGov survey shows that 35% maintained all their resolutions while 50% kept part of their promises.

We all experience challenges when we journey to be better versions of ourselves. But if you’re determined to make changes, you’ll have a greater chance of success.