Japan is home to a variety of seasonal dishes, but it is also a haven of desserts adopted from the West. Over the years, Japanese chefs have put their own spin on these sweets that originated in Europe. Make sure to check them out when you visit a Japanese bakery.

1. Baumkuchen

©CNN via Juchheim Group

Baumkuchen is a round German cake with golden circular lines resembling a tree’s growth ring. The cake became popular decades after it was created in 1919 by German Karl Jukheim. Baumkuchen has become a staple on Japan’s pastry menus.

2. Castella

©CNN via Bunmeido Tokyo

In 1543, during a missionary exchange by Portuguese merchants in Nagasaki, a simple bread made of flour, sugar, and eggs was introduced to the locals as the “bread from Castile.” Legend has it that the locals, who loved the cake, mistook that description as the name and went with it. It soon became known as “castella” and grew to become a beloved dessert all over Japan. Bunmeido is a popular brand selling this cake in different flavors like chocolate and matcha.

3. Mont Blanc

©CNN via IMM Food Services Inc

Mont Blanc is a chestnut cake named after Le Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. In Japan, there are specialty shops for different styles of this cake. Namashibori Montblanc is a specialty chain that serves Mont Blanc with freshly squeezed chestnut toppings.

Have you included these sweets in your must-try list? Whether paired with tea or eaten on their own, these delectable pastries would surely bring joy to your day.