Do you often find yourself stubbing your toe on the doorframe or tripping over a curb? Perhaps you’re just clumsy, or you may be suffering from balance problems. Let’s explore some exercise strategies that can help you maintain a good balance.

Test your balance

Try the one-leg stand test. Stand on the floor and lift one foot, balancing your weight over your remaining standing leg. Try it on both sides. Normally, you should be able to stand on one leg for at least 20 seconds without too much shaking. It is best to do this daily.

Enhance body awareness and control
Before you can do any body-weight exercise, you must first be aware of your body’s position. Doing yoga or tai chi while paying attention to how you shift your weight can do wonders for your body.

Improve posture
Posture affects your body’s ability to center your weight. Practice breathing exercises and avoid sitting for long periods.

Improve coordination
The next time you head out, notice any problems with your walking and try to correct them. Be mindful of your steps.

These exercise strategies do not require any equipment. You can start doing them for a better balance.