Children from Bristol’s inner city have started a podcast about climate change in which they discuss their thoughts, feelings, visions, and dreams. Easton’s Felix Road Adventure Playground’s kids aged five to thirteen created the Freedom Kids Podcast. Eastside Community Trust created each episode that focuses on a different topic such as air quality and food. Children addressed their concerns about burning fossil fuels, the effects of people throwing plastic into bodies of water, and why some of them were vegetarians in a five-minute presentation. It is financed by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund and is part of Eastside Community Trust’s Community Climate Action initiative. The lottery fund is a £100 million pot that will be distributed over ten years to help communities throughout the UK combat climate change. The manager of Felix Road Adventure Playground said: “They will go on to talk about all the things that you know matter to them. We think it’s a great example of children’s voice and influence.”