Some people have mastered the art of gift-giving to perfection. What makes them so skilled at selecting the ideal present?

Associate Professor Peggy Liu, who studied the psychology of gift-giving, discovered that the best gifters are well-organized and appear to have “adulting” as an art form. Skilled gifters who like giving, according to Liu, keep track of what they gave others the previous year, if the recipients were pleased, and have a fixed gifting formula for specific people in their lives, such as their children’s teachers, colleagues, or neighbors. Although no formal research determines which personality types are better at giving gifts, Liu claims that the best gift-givers consider their talent as a part of who they are. “The warm and nice feeling we get from giving gifts and receiving them, is all part of our social ways,” psychology professor Daniel Farrelly says.

Thinking about the happiness on people’s faces when they get your present serves as an inspiration to improve. After all, it’s their joy that motivates us to give gifts in the first place.