Plans have been unveiled to build a facility in Cheshire to transform non-recyclable household garbage into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Airlines flying out of UK airports will receive gasoline from the Stanlow Oil Refinery near Ellesmere Port. Its goal is to reduce landfill waste and reliance on fossil fuels. The facility would produce hundreds of employment, according to Aviation Minister Robert Courts, as “the region takes the lead in making aviation greener.” Fulcrum NorthPoint is a waste-to-fuel facility being developed by Fulcrum BioEnergy Limited, Essar Oil (UK) Limited, and Stanlow Terminals Limited for a total investment of £600 million. The plans are to be completed by the end of this year and operational by late 2025, pending planning approval. During the design, building, and commissioning phases, more than 100 permanent jobs and 800 direct and indirect jobs would be created. At the bio-refinery, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of pre-processed waste will be turned each year into around 100 million liters of low-carbon SAF.