The UK government, according to the environment secretary, is taking immediate action to prevent sewage from flowing into rivers and the sea in England. George Eustice proposed a plan to reduce pollution from “most damaging” storm overflows by 75% by 2035 and 80% by 2050. Water companies are under pressure after 1,000 sewage breaks per day in 2021. They may face legal consequences if they acknowledge illegal discharges. Following the admission last year, the government launched an investigation into all of England’s 2,200 sewage treatment plants, which included all water and sewerage providers. Mr. Eustice stated that the government will invest £7 billion in sewage infrastructure upgrades until 2025, but that water rates will increase by around £12 per year after that to meet the expenditure. The Liberal Democrats have termed the amount of sewage spills a “national scandal,” accusing the administration of “ignoring the country’s fury.” The UK is experiencing a “dirty water emergency,” according to Labor, which blames the Conservative government for allowing water firms “to dump raw sewage into our rivers, lakes, and seas with impunity.”