Some of us get rid of clothes from a minor defect, like a broken zip. But have we ever considered caring for our clothes and repairing the damage?

Environmental organization Wrap says that extending the life of a piece of clothing by nine months can lower its global greenhouse effect by up to 10 percent. So how do we become environmentally-conscious fashionistas? The first step is to go through your clothes and see what new outfits you can put together. “Through creative styling, dresses can become skirts or tops; old becomes new again. It’s as if you just went shopping, and yet you never left your wardrobe,” stylist Sam Weir says. Second is care. Washing clothes is actually quite damaging. Wash fewer items at a lower temperature and inside out to reduce color and print fading. Third, correct storage. Clean clothes should be stored in cool, dry settings away from direct sunlight and heat, with enough space between them to breathe. Finally, if the garments are damaged, mending them is the best course of action. Encourage visible repair, which includes stitched designs with colorful threads and patching. Not only does it remove the burden of achieving perfection, but it’s also fun.

Limit new clothing purchases and proudly display your old ones. Because what we need right now is a clean environment where plants, animals, and humans can all live happily.