Greenery Day is a Japanese holiday dedicated to commemorating and appreciating nature. It was named after a Japanese Emperor who was an avid gardener. The warm weather of Golden Week, which is neither too hot nor too cold, makes it a great time to be outside. As a result, heading out on Greenery Day is one of the most common pastimes, whether it’s for a holiday visit to one’s home province or to start another planting season.

If you like green tea, now is the best time to get the freshest green tea leaves on the market. During this period, Ichibancha, or first flush tea, is made and has a high reputation and rating. Theanine, the amino acid that gives the tea its flavor, is abundant when the temperature is moderately cool but still suitable for planting; hence, Ichibancha produces the best crop of the three (nibancha and sanbancha harvest in July and September). Visiting a tearoom or purchasing in artisan tea shops is a great way to try high-quality tea. For group gatherings, you might join people who plant trees.

Whether it’s gardening at home or visiting a botanical garden, there are many ways to enjoy and commune with nature this Greenery Day. It’s a nice way to unwind and escape from one’s daily routine.