Cyclists in the United Nations can pay up to £107 per year for bike hangar use despite taking up far less space than drivers. In some parts of London, the cost of storing a bike in a hangar is five times that of a car parking permit. Only six municipalities offer bike storage for less than or equal to the cost of a permit, whereas ten boroughs offer free electric vehicle parking. According to Simon Munk of the London Cycling Campaign, the price discrepancy “discourages” cycling in the capital. Electric vehicle owners can get a free parking permit in up to ten boroughs due to their low emissions. Islington Council has the highest bike hangar rental price in London, at £107 per year, with electric vehicle licenses costing only £25 and other autos costing as little as £30. Islington Council, according to Oliver Lord of the Clean Cities Campaign, is not doing enough to encourage cycling. Mr. Lord believes that bike parking should never be more expensive than car parking. Mr. Lord asked municipal governments to reconsider their regulations on car permits.