Airports can be green, and air travel could be less expensive in the future, but a scientist said in an interview that a lot of money is required first; Prof. Pericles Pilidis of Cranfield University in Bedfordshire believes new hydrogen-powered planes could be available in ten years. In the long run, he believes that increasing airports will be beneficial for the environment. Meanwhile, Luton Airport announced that its new rail link connecting the terminal to the railway station will reduce emissions. Professor Pilidis of Cranfield University’s Power and Propulsion Department said that zero-carbon hydrogen-powered aircraft would eliminate air travel’s environmental impact. When asked if airport development may be helpful to the environment, he responded “yes” if the appropriate investments are made. According to the airport, a new Direct Air-Rail Transit (DART) system will be launched this year, connecting the airport terminal to the Luton Airport Parkway railway station and reducing the airport’s carbon footprint. Graham Olver, chief executive officer of Luton Rising, said that green-controlled growth was the new framework for ensuring that environmental commitments made throughout the airport’s expansion are followed.