There are about 500,000 electric cars in the UK, and rising gas prices have led more individuals to think about switching to electric vehicles (EVs). A decade earlier than anticipated, in 2030, the government will outlaw the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles. It abruptly terminated its EV incentive for automobiles with immediate effect, claiming it had no impact on the sales that were rising quickly. Currently, it costs roughly £85 to fill the gas tank of a 47-liter family hatchback and £88 to fill it with diesel. Despite recent increases in power costs, home charging frequently only costs half as much, or about £41, to provide the same mileage. Public charging varies in price; however, it may cost around £48, which is still far cheaper than conventional gasoline.

The cost difference between conventional and electric vehicles is decreasing and is soon expected to vanish. However, the average price of a brand-new electric automobile is still between £23,000 and £43,000 higher than that of a comparable gas or diesel model. But used EVs are becoming more and more accessible and reasonably priced. For between £8,000 and £21,000, a number of used five-seater electric hatchbacks are on the market.