Bedford’s Infarm, a vertical farm with a surface area of 10,000 square meters (2.5 acres), millions of crops can be grown annually in high units without soil. The farm used 95% less water than traditional farming techniques and did not use any toxic pesticides. As per Jo Churchill, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, hydroponic indoor farms are a key element of the UK’s sustainability and food security. They also have this advanced technology in addition to regular technology. According to Churchill, there is room for everyone to produce to their full potential if they can develop better and more varied methods of distributing food to both customers and producers. The Bedford location is Infarm’s first large-scale growing facility in the UK and can house up to 40 cloud-connected farming units, each standing 10 meters high. Each unit has the capacity to annually grow more than 500,000 plants or a football field’s worth of food. This agricultural technique could give young people more possibilities, particularly in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, and plant breeding.