The UK will host the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Ukraine’s stead, following a decision by the organizers that the winning country could not host the event. The champion often hosts the event the following year. However, after assessing the situation in Ukraine, the show’s organizers, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), started discussions with a news company last month. Lead vocalist Oleh Psiuk of the 2022 winners Kalush Orchestra thanked the UK for hosting the event “in support of our country”. In addition, he was “very sad” that Ukraine was unable to host the competition but expressed his hope that it would “celebrate our beautiful, unique culture.” The UK offers several towns with sufficient arenas, lodging, and access to international transportation; London, Sheffield, and Manchester have already declared their intent to submit a formal proposal. Other candidates include Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, and Nottingham. This week will mark the beginning of the bidding process to select the host city.

The UK has taken over hosting responsibilities for other countries four times and has hosted Eurovision eight times, more than any other nation. It hosted for the Netherlands in 1960, France in 1963, Monaco in 1972, and Luxembourg in 1974. As is customary for the winner to automatically qualify for the Grand Final, Ukraine will also join the Big Five—the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This is due to their financial support of the tournament. The Grand Final of the competition has not been set yet; however, it typically takes place in May.