Learning to do robotics has easily become exciting, which is understandable. Robot programming has always required a lot of technical knowledge, but what if there was an easier way for people who are not technology professionals to teach these systems to do things that humans can do?

At the moment, two of the most popular ways to learn are through copying and reinforcement. First, you have to take control of the robot and teach it how to do a task. Second, you have to train a system on millions of images. Several researchers are looking into a method that trains a robot by making it watch a person do a task. A team at Carnegie Mellon University presented the Wild Human Imitating Robot Learning, or WHIRL, an algorithm that teaches a robot by making it watch videos. In their demonstrations, a mobile robotic arm that can be purchased learns to do certain tasks like closing drawers. In a press release, Shikhar Bahl, a student at the Robotics Institute, said that copying is a good type of learning. It is easy to see how something like this could be especially helpful at home, where roboticists think these systems will be used to help the elderly and other people who have trouble moving around.

Therefore, it is easy to say that these new inventions will be very helpful in the times ahead.