The chat platform Slack, which is mostly used by companies, is increasing its monthly price and changing the terms of its free plan. This afternoon, the company wrote a blog post about it. It is written there that if you pay for the “Pro” plan per user per month, the price will increase from $8 to $8.75 per user per month. Secondly, if you pay for the yearly “Pro” plan, it will cost you $7.25 per user per month instead of $6.67. Lastly, if you have the free plan, they are changing how messages are saved and for how long. The free Slack was showing the most recent 10,000 messages and 5 GB uploads. But now, it will not depend on how much was sent but on how much time has passed. No matter how many or few messages and files were sent in the last 90 days, Slack will show them all.

The said prices are for users in the U.S., but the costs will go up everywhere else. A chart showing how prices change in other countries can be found on the website of Slack. The company mentioned that the cost changes only affect people on the “Pro” plan. Teams on the Business+ plan or on custom plans will not be affected.