Whether we admit it or not, most people have often treated service staff badly. More than half of employees have reported an increase in rude customers since the pandemic started.

Behavior analyst and psychologist Reena B. Patel explains that routine changes may cause anxiety and tension. The good news is that there are ways to either completely avoid such behaviors or, at the very least, reduce them quickly. Try to get up 10 minutes earlier than your usual schedule so you can manage it. You can also improve your habits by changing your coffee order or walking instead of taking the train to lunch. When you’re becoming angry while talking to a staff member, use “we” instead of “you.” “Ask the customer-service agent, ‘how can we solve this problem? ‘” says Patel. Lastly, call them by their names. It’s to remind yourself that they’re humans, too.

Before getting angry, recognize that you’re already probably stressed out. “It’s as simple as just being mindful,” says Patel, “and stopping and thinking before you respond is really important.”