Does this nerdy-sounding interest, which may be the newest wellness trend in Silicon Valley, have any actual evidence?

According to a news website, “dopamine fast” practitioners abstain from anything that makes them feel good, including but not limited to eating, exercising, using social media, playing video games, and becoming involved in conversations. By avoiding tiny pleasures, fasting aims to “reset” the reward system in the brain, which is programmed by the neurotransmitter dopamine. As per another news website, people give a lot of attention to the jobs they had previously avoided. Dr. Anna Lembke, associate professor and medical head of addiction medicine at Stanford University, claims that patients suddenly reacquaint themselves with life without screens or other distractions.

It’s not intended to cause any kind of mental illness or to lower dopamine levels. On the other hand, people who fast from dopamine spend less time engaging in bad conduct. Fortunately, you can’t entirely “fast” or take away dopamine from your body by diet or lifestyle because doing so would probably have bad effects.