Food is becoming more expensive and limited all across the world. Everywhere, people have to change their diet.

Sri Lanka
Annual food inflation – 75.8% in June
Income spent on food – 29.6%
Food, gas, medicine, and others are in short supply. So, many Sri Lankans are using jackfruits as their preferred alternative.

Annual food inflation – 22% in July
Income spent on food – 59.1%
Foreign ingredients are often used in Nigerian bakeries. But price increases are much harder to accept because a loaf of bread costs less in Nigeria than in Europe.

Annual food inflation – 11.59% in July
Income spent on food – 26.6%
A wave of strikes that started in April seriously damaged the food supply. This was due to complaints by farmers and transportation workers over the rising cost of gasoline and fertilizer.

Annual food inflation – 4.1% in June
Income spent on food – 26.9%
In May, chicken farmers had to increase their prices, which started a rally. A local expressed concern that the event had not solved the root of the issue, despite being pleased to see the rally had an impact.