The autumn season in Japan is known for its beautiful colors. While the maple trees become a bright red, the tree-lined pathways are covered in golden ginkgo trees. All you have to do is walk around and be amazed at the colors of the autumn trees.

This tradition is called momijigari or “autumn-leaf hunting.” Simply watching and appreciating nature’s beauty is part of this search. Japan is said to have 1,200 different species of trees. Each of the four seasons affects how they look. As you move farther north in Japan, you’ll come across more popular places to see the fall trees. In colder weather, the leaves also get more colorful. The color of a leaf is commonly at its brightest when it is exposed to the sun, changing later in the leaf’s darker area. Japan’s autumn trees are at their most beautiful from early November to early December.

Momijigari, or the actual search for fall leaves, is a Japanese tradition that places high importance on protecting the environment. This autumn, why not go leaf-hunting by yourself?