According to employers, they are more eager than ever to assist workers who have mental health concerns. But do employees speak up more frequently?

The mental health of many people was in danger throughout the pandemic. Everyone has been feeling more fear and worry than usual due to different stresses that have been made worse by long isolation, an increase in loss, limited access to mental healthcare, and seismic socio-political events. Certain businesses have made planned moves to realize how important tension is. Several organizations have improved benefits by first addressing psychological well-being and then expanding the alternatives provided through employee assistance programs (EAPs), which provide free services to address mental health conditions and drug abuse challenges.

But in basically every aspect of life, there is still a stigma connected with mental health problems. Has the public’s belief in mental health issues in the office changed as a result of greater corporate transparency, support, and awareness as well as employees’ willingness to speak up? Or, even in the middle of global trauma, are certain biases difficult to change and be taken away?