All people should have their health checked from time to time, including their eating habits, exercise routines, and ability to lead satisfying lives. This is what the Japanese do on Health and Sports Day.

What inspired Health-Sports Day was the Tokyo Olympics. It held a grand opening ceremony on October 10, 1964. Two years after this incident, Sports Day was declared a national holiday. Starting in 2000, Sports Day was moved to the second Monday in October in accordance with the Happy Monday System. Japanese kindergartens, schools, corporations, and local associations all around the country hold events like track meetings on National Health and Sports Day, There are other, more lighthearted competitions besides relays and races, such as scavenger hunts, tug of war, and toss-ball. Other sporting events, such as competitions for physical fitness and marathons, are open to participation by the entire family. Every town also hosts a sporting event. These include marathons, bowling, and Frisbee-playing activities for both adults and children. In some areas, adults can also have health evaluations to help them recognize their own inactivity.

As the World Health Organization (WHO) says, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Make sure to maintain good health every day of the year, not just today!