Understanding the concept of flexibility and learning how to improve it will help you advance at work.

While adaptation is more than just being able to handle change when it comes, resilience is the capacity to do so. Instead, experts advise actively preparing for change, even encouraging it, and continuously expanding one’s skill set to match changing demands if one wants to be truly adaptable. Although experts have long emphasized the idea of “adaptability” in the workplace, it has never been more important given how quickly our workplace is changing. Flexible workers are better equipped to deal with the workplace’s constant change as the world seeks to figure out new hybrid and remote workdays. However, this trait might not only boost output; it might also improve employees’ well-being.

If you want to grow in the modern workplace and stand out to employers, learning about flexibility and how to enhance your own will be helpful. As workplaces and working habits continue to evolve, developing flexibility can provide employees with the resources they need to “bounce forward” with their shifts.