You can advance at work by being familiar with the concept of adaptability and discovering how to enhance it.

Resilience is the ability to withstand change when it occurs; adaptability is more than that. Instead, according to experts, in order to be truly adaptable, one must actively plan for change, even support it, and continually expand one’s skill set to meet changing demands. The concept of “adaptability” in the workplace has been discussed by experts for some time, but it has never been more pertinent in our constantly changing work environment. As the globe tries to figure out new hybrid and remote workdays, flexible people have the capacity to effectively navigate changing situations in the workplace. However, this quality may not just increase productivity; it may also enhance workers’ well-being because it may indicate that they are more equipped to handle change. It comes as no surprise that flexibility has emerged as the soft skill that companies are looking for given that the workplace is a dynamic environment. According to a 2020 Harvard Business School poll of 1,500 CEOs from more than 90 countries, 71% of respondents thought adaptability was the most crucial trait in a leader.

Learning about the concept of adaptability and how to improve your own will help you advance if you want to succeed in the modern workplace and stand out to employers. Honing flexibility can give workers the tools they need to “bounce forward” with change as workplaces and working practices continue to change.