Musashi Miyamoto, one of Japan’s most famous historical heroes, once said, “Perceive that which the eye cannot see.” Culture Day is the ideal time to give this line some serious thought.

Culture Day (文化の日) is celebrated every year on November 3 to honor the birthday of Emperor Meiji. Many Japanese museums are free to enter on this day. It allows visitors to learn more about Japanese history and culture. All are encouraged to take part in the festivals hosted in the many Japanese prefectures. The major event of Culture Day is the Order of Culture Award Ceremony, which takes place in Tokyo’s Imperial Palace. It is a Japanese medal given to outstanding people who have advanced Japanese culture in fields including science, technology, academics, and the arts. The Emperor personally welcomes the prize winners and presents them with certificates of appreciation.

A community or a country can be seen through its culture. It has influenced several generations of our lives and will continue to do so for a very long time.