The Indian guru, Sadhguru, leads SaveSoil, a global project with the goal of improving soil health all over the world. He suggests providing farmers with financial help to encourage them to keep a minimum organic content of 3% in their soil. Experts estimate that more than 50% of the world’s agricultural soil has already lost its quality. According to Ben Raskin, head of agroforestry and horticulture at the UK’s Soil Association, farmers need to rethink the role of technology in agriculture. This includes buying high-technology agriculture equipment. But in the end, Mr. Raskin explains that individuals may need to dig a little deeper. According to scientists, just around 10% of soil life has so far been identified. To give farmers the best nutrients for their land, understanding how soil is made may lead to the creation of entirely new businesses. Returning to simple and traditional techniques can result in new ideas.