This is a current issue. Should you try to keep your child away from technology or allow them to have a smartphone?

Up to 91% of 11-year-olds already own a smartphone, making them almost universal among kids. But do young people without phones suffer disadvantages or gain unexpected advantages? You may understand if, as a parent, you thought that a smartphone was like Pandora’s box that could let all of the world’s sins go onto your child’s good life. Anyone would want to opt out after reading the confusing array of headlines about the possible consequences of kids using their phones and social media. It seems that this modern parenting difficulty affects everyone, including famous people. You probably own a phone and view it as essential for daily activities like video conversations, keeping family photo albums, and doing online shopping.

Even though there are still many unanswered issues regarding how social media and cell phones will ultimately affect kids and teenagers, existing research identifies some of the major disadvantages and advantages.