It is a problem of our time. Should you let your child have a smartphone or do your best to keep them away from technology?

A smartphone is now owned by up to 91% of 11-year-olds, making them all but universal among children. But do young people without phones lose out or experience unanticipated benefits? You may comprehend if, as a parent, you view a smartphone as akin to Pandora’s box that holds the potential to unleash all of the world’s sins on your child’s good existence. After reading the bewildering array of headlines concerning the possible consequences of children’s phone and social media use, anyone would want to opt-out. It appears that even well-known individuals are impacted by this modern parenting challenge. Madonna has acknowledged that after her older children turned 13, she would never again give them phones. In comparison, you probably have a phone of your own and consider it a necessity for daily tasks like video calls, family photo albums, and online shopping. If all of their peers and classmates are getting phones, will your child miss out if they don’t have one?

Even though there are still many questions about how social media and cell phones will ultimately affect children and teenagers, the research that has already been conducted highlights some of the main disadvantages and benefits.