The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a US safety agency, has approved the sale of cell-cultured chickens. The company Upside Foods created them in steel tanks using live animal cells. However, the company must get through a number of challenges—such as getting periodic clearance for the production site—before it can sell its products. The FDA explained that their decision was based on the data and information provided by the company. Similar products are produced by several expanding food businesses. Cultivated food can make more space for natural habitats while also greatly reducing water and carbon emissions. When compared to the usual European diet, eating these products may reduce environmental stress by more than 80%. According to predictions, cultured meat products will take up a larger part of the global meat market. Ernst van Orsouw, CEO of the Scottish company Roslin Technologies, described the FDA’s approval of Upside Foods as a “huge milestone” for the industry. He added that this decision would promote increased investment and innovation in the area of cultured foods.