Poor eating habits among college students are often seen as bad. Is poor diet still present today?

Despite the fact that pasta and baked beans on toast are generally associated with students, their meals typically contain much more. According to a poll, there are twice as many vegetarian students in the UK as there are nonvegetarian students. Diets containing little to no meat have been linked to health benefits; however, the overall healthfulness of a vegetarian diet is dependent on the type of foods consumed in place of meat. Additionally, it was found in the same poll that 25% of students frequently eat fast food. According to the findings of another survey, only one in five students engages in healthy eating behaviors like moderate snacking, eating fewer fast foods, and consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The difficulties that students run into while attempting to eat a healthy, balanced diet, including a lack of time, money, and cooking abilities, affect more than just students. These are significant challenges, but research shows that even in these situations, healthy meals are still possible.