Airlines are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment, such as by using less fuel or changing flight patterns to produce fewer contrails.

Fuel is used very quickly by airplanes. This explains why air travel is so bad for the environment, whether it’s for people or goods. There will likely be a surprising increase in flights worldwide over the next few decades. One aircraft can emit as much CO2 as many individuals do in a whole year. Aviation is one of the fastest-growing economies when compared to other sectors. All of this indicates that we should start treating aviation emissions very seriously. Although airplanes are becoming more and more efficient, not much has been done to actually decarbonize them up to this point.

Long-term aviation must totally transition away from fossil fuels if the world is to achieve the considerable reductions in carbon emissions specified in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Can we modify how our airplanes fly or switch to alternative fuels to lessen their impact on the environment?