Everyone dreams, but we often don’t remember them the next day. Experts still don’t know the real logic behind dreams. Let’s take a look at some famous reasons why people dream.

Processes emotions
Dreams can help process emotions. For example, strong emotions like stress and worry can cause nightmares.

The “continuity hypothesis”
This means that most of our dreams have the same ideas and problems as our waking lives. We might be able to tell our main worries if we study the themes and images in our dreams.

Consolidation of memory
Some researchers believe that dreams help form memories. The brain organizes and keeps information while we sleep, then turns it into memories.

We react less and less to new experiences. Based on this reason, dreams break this cycle and help us stay alert.

No purpose
A few experts believe that dreams have no specific purpose. They say that humans themselves create the meanings behind dreams.

There’s still much more to learn about dreams. How about you? What can you say about your dreams?