People who have worked from home for months or even years may find that going back to the workplace is harder than they had imagined. Some employees may, therefore, work in an uncomfortable workplace.

After months of having total control over their workstations, many people are now realizing that the interruptions, noise, and social interactions that come with working in an office may be frustrating. The increasing expectations for mingling with coworkers and face-to-face interactions, which were formerly taken for granted, may also worry some employees. While it’s natural for employees to initially feel a little out of place as they adjust to being back in the workplace, experts advise that things will improve as we gradually become used to being in a professional setting once more.

In the end, employees should be considerate of their coworkers and the workplace and aware of proper workplace behavior. With a little time, tolerance, understanding, and communication, people will gradually get back into the swing of things, and the office will begin to seem like the second home it once did.