It’s easy to lose enthusiasm for a profession that you previously loved. You can learn to become motivated again in five ways:

Patricia Chen, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States, conducted research on the subject. The research concentrates on just five of the many responses that the students claimed had increased their motivation. They were:

• Recognizing personal relevance: For instance, a business student would consider how their academic background might aid them in starting a business.

• Recognizing societal relevance: One can consider how the subject might help a student comprehend the world and how that information might ultimately help others.

• Building familiarity: They were curious to learn more after discovering something new.

• Gaining practical experience: Internships and work experiences improved their motivation to pursue academic goals.

• Finding mentors and changing the environment: Students could actively look for lecturers or friends who might motivate them or make their work more enjoyable.

Remember that passion is not something you either have or don’t; rather, it can be developed and nurtured over time.