It’s simple to lose the passion for a job you once cherished. You can rekindle your fire in five ways:

“Research on the topic was done by psychology professor Patricia Chen at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. In order to find out, she first asked 316 undergraduates from a range of academic fields how their enthusiasm for their field had changed over time. The researchers narrowed down the hundreds of responses to five popular tactics that the students reported had improved their motivation. They were:

• Recognizing personal relevance: A student of business, for instance, might think about how their academic knowledge might help them launch a business.

• Recognizing societal relevance: The subject’s potential contribution to a student’s understanding of the world and how that understanding can ultimately benefit others can be thought about.

• Building familiarity: As a person becomes aware of new areas of interest, discovering something new can spark their curiosity about learning more.

• Gaining practical experience: Many of the students found that their desire for their academic pursuits was increased by internships and work experiences.

• Finding mentors and changing the environment: Students could intentionally seek out professors or acquaintances who can inspire them or make their work more fun.

In conclusion, keep in mind that passion may be cultivated and nurtured over time; it is not something you either have or don’t.