Norwegian energy corporation Equinor has announced record profits due to rising gas prices. Based on its recent financial data, pre-tax profits between July and September were $24.3 billion, up from $9.7 billion the year before. The high cost of gas and energy for homes and companies, however, is causing a rise in the cost of living for many people. On average, the annual cost of a UK household was around £1,300. Nowadays, it is currently around £2,500 per year, which also includes assistance from the UK government. In the UK, energy businesses that benefited from the price increase last year had to pay a windfall tax. The so-called Energy Profits Levy, which was initially set at 25%, will increase to 35% in January and continue until March 2028. Opedal claims that while the tax had no effect on Equinor’s investment strategy in the UK, it did have an impact on how each project was checked.