Disaster relief team ShelterBox based in Cornwall declared that it would send help to Turkey to help those affected by the earthquake. However, head of emergency response at ShelterBox Alice Jefferson said that “access and communication are challenging.” It says that it could give people in need a variety of supplies, including tents, shelter kits, and cash. There were several aftershocks to the earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria, one of which was nearly as strong as the original tremor.

On the official scale, it was classified as a magnitude 7.8, or “big,” earthquake. It erupted along an approximately 100 km (62 mi) long fault, severely damaging neighboring structures. Many people were still asleep inside when the disaster occurred in the early morning hours. The level of preparedness would be lower than it would be in a locale more accustomed to coping with earthquakes because there had not been a large earthquake or any warning indications in this area in more than 200 years.