Robots are expected to take over 39% of the time spent cleaning up after oneself and taking care of family members in the coming ten years. According to experts, grocery shopping would likely experience the most automation, while caring for the young or elderly would be least affected. Researchers add that the technology was predicted to cut grocery shopping time by 60%. There are some doubts, though, since predictions that robots will take over our housework “in the next 10 years” have a long history. There has long been discussion about self-driving vehicles replacing taxis on the road, according to associate professor Ekaterina Hertog. However, in the unpredictable environment of the streets, no one has exactly been able to make self-driving cars reliable or make robots work effectively. More research indicates that domestic automation could reduce the amount of time wasted on unpaid housework. However, the price of technology may be expensive. Time inequality will increase if tools to help with housework are only accessible to a certain portion of society.