The heart is a very important organ that beats about 100,000 times every day, but it can get sick without us realizing it. Heart disease affects many people and can be very dangerous. However, a new study suggests that using your smartphone could help detect heart disease early.

Researchers have discovered that smartphones may detect early indications of heart disease by analyzing the sound of blood flowing through the arteries. Over 50,000 participants were involved in the study, which revealed that the app accurately identified 90% of people with the condition. The app used artificial intelligence to analyze sound waves, proving more reliable than traditional risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The potential advantages of this technology are enormous, with the possibility of early detection, timely treatment, and potentially saving lives. This technology is new and needs more research to make sure it works well. But it could be very helpful in preventing heart disease. Finding heart disease early and treating it quickly is important to reduce its impact

This app could be really important in the fight against heart disease if more research shows that it works well. If it does, it could help a lot of people around the world by detecting problems early and getting them treated quickly.