The Ocean Census is a project that wants to find and record all the different types of animals and plants living in the ocean. They plan to use new tools like cameras that can take very clear pictures underwater, computers that can learn and identify new species, and ways to study the DNA of creatures living in the water. The project wants to find 100,000 new species in the next 10 years. This will help us understand more about the ocean and how to protect it. Right now, scientists don’t know very much about what’s living in the deep parts of the ocean.

There are probably 2.2 million different species living there, but we’ve only found and described 240,000 of them. The project will build on similar efforts in the past, like the Census of Marine Life, which found 6,000 new ocean species. The new technology used in the Ocean Census will make it easier and faster to study sea creatures in their natural habitat, including animals like jellyfish. They’ll also use new ways to study DNA to help identify and track new species.