Nagoya is a city in central Japan. Many international travelers don’t notice it, even though it has a lot to offer. To show people the hidden treasures of the city, two residents named Lena Yamaguchi and Elisabeth Llopis started a tour company called “Nagoya Is Not Boring.” They want visitors to see both traditional and modern things, like castles and temples during the day and local bars at night.

Nagoya’s main train station is in a district with tall buildings. It’s a modern place with big stores, electronics shops, and craft stores. There are also many hotels to choose from, depending on your budget. Nagoya’s food, called Nagoya-meshi, shows its history as a port and a stop on the Tokaido road. Just a short train ride away is a castle called Inuyama Castle. It’s one of Japan’s original castles. There’s also Meiji-mura, an open-air museum with old buildings from when Japan was modernizing. Some other places to visit are the Tokugawa Art Museum, the SCMaglev, and Railway Park. If you love cars, you can go to the Toyota Automobile Museum and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.