In their developer conference, Google introduced new products, including the Pixel Fold, a foldable phone, and a tablet. The Pixel Fold has a slim design, a 7.6-inch unfolded screen, and features like long exposure and dual-screen live translation. Google admitted the need for further optimization for foldable phones. They also introduced the Pixel 7a smartphone with camera upgrades, wireless charging, and features like improved night vision and enhanced zoom. The Pixel 7a is aimed at budget-conscious consumers, starting at $499.

Google also presented the Pixel Tablet with an 11-inch display, rounded edges, and colors like porcelain, hazel, and rose. It has front and rear cameras and comes with a charging dock. The tablet will be available on June 20, starting at $499. Additionally, Google plans to integrate AI chat features into their search engine, allowing an AI-powered chatbot to provide quick responses and information. The updated Google Search will display AI-generated responses along with regular results. The feature will initially launch in the United States with limited user access.